Steven Kalb Artist Blacksmith


Blacksmithing is honest.  There is an integrity to something that is made by hand.  I like to shape and forge organic elements into my sculptures.  My goal is not to copy the shapes I see, but to get their feeling into the steel I work.  I like to look at things from differing viewpoints.  My favorite sculptures are those that I create which have lighting elements in them.  During the day you can see the color and the detail that I put into each and every piece, but at night it is when the candle flickers making long shadows along the wall.  These images bring me to a primal thought pattern like viewing a cave painting made 4000 years ago.  In this light art comes alive and new realities form.  All my mushroom sculptures also include something else very special that only the owners and myself will know about.  I am also proud to use recyled metal as much as possible and strive to include Green technologies into the workplace.
Thanks for your interest and have fun!