My background as a firefighter has allowed me to get some unique views about hazardous materials and the processess it takes. I am trying to upcycle art form metal that has been disgarded or completed its original purpose. I want to push the limits of the materials, literally. I offer sculptures of threatened and endangered species to bring attention to them. Together we can make a world of difference.

Upcycled and enviornmental art
Art does not have to be a strain on nature. I have spent many hours working towards safer and less impact art on the planet. Each piece is upcycled from it's original and finished with sustainable finishes.
New work
Organic Art
Endangered species, dreams and visions. I invite you in for something you never have seen...
Want to learn blacksmithing?
I offer classes to do my part in passing on this fun craft. It is amazing what we make as we come together as a group!